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Qigong at Full Moon

by Carmen Dolz - When asked to write a short article about full moon Qigong practise, I felt full of enthusiasm. I was going to talk about my practise, a Qigong system called Yuan Gong, and a special time for practise: the full moon. And then I panicked. Did I have to talk about the full moon from a scientific point of view? Did I have to research the effect of the full moon on human beings? Would I be able to prove anything worthwhile? Uffff, that was quite a task! And not very Qigong practitioner-esque - we are supposed to handle intensity in a relaxed and calm state… So, after taking a deep breath, I did some Yuan Gong and after that I started writing.

Jin Shin Jyutsu for Children

by Carmen Dolz - How often kids come from school feeling ‘not well’. We, the parents, don’t know what’s wrong with them. They are a bit too quiet, or lethargic, or lacking in hunger, or even extremely tired… We don’t think they need to be taken to the doctor but we know they are not themselves. They are not ill yet but they are not at ease. They are simply out of balance. If left untreated, the ‘unease’ will become a disease.