Stress Busters

The Healing Codes

by John Blosse - There is one thing on this planet that can heal just about any health issue in your life. This system is your immune system. When it’s working in perfect harmony you will be healthy. The problem is that this wonderful system is susceptible to stress. Stress can slow down and often cause our immune system to run at a low level.

Making Change Happen

by Jane Raven - 'So why do you put up with it?' asks your friend, with a slightly impatient shake of the head. 'You can do better than that. Pull yourself together! Just go and get yourself a new job...?' Or a new partner. Or a new home. Those friends don't ever manage to inspire you, do they? As well as the implied unflattering comparison to themselves, there's blame nesting in their words, like an unfriendly hamster in a deceptively fluffy bed. Ask for advice and you end up feeling not just stuck and inadequate, but nursing a bitemark into the bargain. Teetering on the edge of leaving your job or your partner can feel like peeping over Beachy Head. So, to change or not to change? And when we decide to jump into a new future, how do we get the wings to carry us - or the courage to do it?

When Self-Control Leaves the Room

by Dr Jelena Goranovic - It’s likely that all of us remember occasions when we have mindlessly reached out for the fridge or the cookie jar at the times of stress. But, although we may have subsequently tried to justify this to ourselves by giving it a harmless enough label ‘comfort eating’, there is nothing comforting about consuming lots of unhealthy food – in fact, more often than not, we ended up feeling worse off as a result: bloated and unhappy. So, why do we engage in this and other unhealthy or addictive behaviours when we’re feeling stressed, tired or tense?