Stress Busters

Effective Goal Setting - One Step At A Time

by Nikola Goranovic - Have you ever had a daydream of going somewhere really nice…or planned a holiday? How was it? Good? Refreshing? Inspiring? Energizing? Just by thinking about a holiday and making detailed plans for it (including all the activities that you might include or avoid) can give a great sense of achievement. It is wonderful to have that feeling, to achieve something and know how good you are... is it not?  Sometimes though, at the end of our daydream about that “dream” holiday, we might suddenly find ourselves in a much less rosy place. We realise that the dream is “just a dream”, the reality is less colourful and that our ‘outstanding’ bank balance is below zero. So... How can we ever reach our goals? How should we focus on a goal or even several of them at once?

How to Raise Self-Esteem in Our Children

by Helen Day - Quite recently I stumbled upon an old school report of mine that was written when I was 9 years old. It read ‘there is no dynamic change in Helen’s achievement,…. Writing still looks scraggy…… Presentation of work is still very immature…. Maths is plodding less wearily along.’ If my memory serves me correctly, the practical approach of teaching at my school was as austere at times as the written word of the dreaded school reports. My school was run by two spinsters of latter years who despite being worthy educationalists in their time lacked a true understanding about the importance of pastoral care.

Working with a Spouse: Lots of Fun or a Recipe for Disaster?

by Dr Jelena Goranovic - We are a very creative team as we have our different strengths which complement each other and each of us is solely responsible for a different part of the business although we also often advise and support each other. On the other hand, it's a bit of a disaster too, as we sometimes get frustrated with each other - we'd probably be much more polite and kind to co-workers we're not related to! But, as most other couples who work together know all too well, the biggest problem is that we just can't switch off: going for a walk along the beach with the children, the Sunday morning coffee or a trip to the pub for a pint or two in the evening almost inevitably lead to work-related conversations.